REKK Recycling offer cost-effective short term and long term hire of Baling and Compactor equipment of all sizes

We offer hire of both portable and static baling and compactor equipment suitable for businesses of all sizes anywhere in the UK.

Portable and Static Balers
Businesses often have to deal with excess cardboard and packaging materials. These are bulky and can easily fill up valuable skip space, making them a real nuisance to deal with. The answer can be to hire or buy a baling machine which can compress these materials into a fraction of the size making disposal easier and much more affordable as well as leaving your premises clear of the clutter that dealing with excess cardboard, paper and plastics often brings.

Balers come in a range of sizes to cope with different volumes of waste generated on site. We can supply all sizes of balers size from the smallest to the very largest commercially available.

We can advise you on the baler that’s right for the needs of your company.

If your company produces a lot wet or dry waste we would recommend hiring a compactor. Using powerful hydraulics, compactors can compress waste into more manageable volumes reducing the amount of loads that need to be transported from your site to the waste disposal centre.

Compactors are available in both static and portable types and are available for hire or purchase. We can advise you on the best size and type for your application, why not get in touch?