Plastics, Metal, Paper and Cardboard waste. Working with businesses all over Scotland we recycle efficiently and responsibly.

REKK Recycling offer efficient and affordable waste management services for all types of waste streams including metals, plastics, paper and cardboard.

We provide businesses all over Scotland with a single point of contact for all of their waste management requirements which allows them to maximise efficiency by freeing up time to do what they do most effectively, rather than tying up resources dealing with meeting complex environmental regulations for waste disposal.

Plastics recycling
REKK Recycling recycle 100% of the plastics we receive. We accept all types of plastic waste and ensure as much as possible is returned to industry to be used again.

Metal recycling
We recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and accept all types of metal for recycling. We offer a collection service for your waste metals and can arrange a rebate depending on the type of metal waste you have.

Paper and Cardboard recycling
REKK Recycling work closely with our customers to arrange regular scheduled collections of paper and cardboard, helping to responsibly reduce their carbon footprints and save them money too.

Whatever your waste requirements, REKK Recycling offer efficient and cost-effective waste management for your company.